Tips for Hosting an Instagram Contest, Avatars for Facebook Profiles, Snapchat Advertising

raven news round up May 18, 2018

Raven News Round Up

This week, we'll look at avatars for Facebook profiles, tips for hosting an Instagram contest and some other developments in Snapchat advertising and Instagram polls. 

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How to Host a Successful Instagram Contest

Source: Advertisemint

  • Have a goal!
    • If you know the specifics of what you want to achieve and why you're hosting this contest you'll be able to determine what steps you need to take to achieve your goals. 
    • With a goal, you'll be able to shape the promotion and figure out what you need to do after the contest. 
  • Plan it out!
    • If you don't pre-plan your campaign your chances of success are pretty low. Even a flash sale is planned out beforehand.
    • Make a plan around your overall goal.
  • Have official rules!...
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12 Effective Ways to Use Facebook Ads

Uncategorized May 09, 2018

In today’s world we see advertisements everywhere we turn: on billboards, in stores, online and probably most importantly, on social media. You’ve probably seen these ads popping up in the past few years on your newsfeeds, dashboards and timelines. As of November 2016 77% of adults use social networking sites, which means social media advertising is one of the bestmarketing decisions your business can make, and Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla of social media. We’ve come up with 13 of the most effective types of ads that you can use to skyrocket your business’s exposure on the Facebook platform!


#1: Retargeting Ads

You know those ads that follow you across the internet? Say you were looking for a t-shirt on Amazon, and now you’re seeing the same shirt advertised on Google? Facebook can do the same thing! First off, you’ll want your email list. The best people to retarget are those who clicked on your offer, but decided not...

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New features in Instagram, Snapchat and Virtual Reality

This week, we're showing you tons of new features in Instagram, some Snapchat updates, and even a little info on Virtual Reality.

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Customize Instagram Story Highlights Cover

Source: Social Media Examiner

  • You can change your Instagram story highlights cover from the default view to a branded cover image.
  • This feature lets you group and save important, interesting, funny or otherwise entertaining content from your stories. 
  • These can be saved to custom categories on your profile and will stay there until you delete them.
  • You can create different categories and add story content to each of these.
  • Design a custom category cover using Photoshop, Canva or just the Stories feature itself. These similarily styled covers will tie your...
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How To Close More Leads

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2018

When you become a business owner you’ll have to take on the dual role of business expert and salesperson. You want to turn all your leads into customers, right? Of course you do! To close more leads you must channel your inner salesperson. This adjustment might feel odd at first — after all, not everyone who is confident in their business domain knowledge is alsocomfortable at sales — but to build a successful business you need to learn to play both parts!


Unfortunately, there isn’t a switch inside your head that you can just flip and instantly become a world-class salesperson, but in this post we’ll show you exactly how to turn maybes into members!


Let’s start at the beginning. Someone has just decided they’re interested in participating in a fabulous free trial at your studio. They’ve given you their contact information and now it’s time to act! Give them a call five to ten minutes after...

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New Facebook Split Testing Options, Do's and Don'ts of Cover Photos

This week, we discuss new split testing options on Facebook and the do's and don'ts of cover photos. 

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Facebook Gives Users New Ways to Conduct
A/B Tests


  • Advertisers can now split test within Quick Creation flow.
    • This means that advertiseres can create and manage their ads in bulk.
  • Split tests can be optimized for different marketing objectives.
    • These objectives include post engagement, page likes, event responses, sales, conversions, application installs, reach, video views, traffic and lead generation.
  • Facebook has added important performance indicators such as CPM, cost-per-click and click-through rates to the new reporting dashboard.
  • Advertisers can now also duplicate split tests...
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Compensate For Facebook Zero Using Instagram


A Message from our Head Raven,
Joleen Emery:

Social media is constantly changing. New platforms are coming out and the old ones are constantly updating; it’s a lot to keep up with! That’s why we’ve created the raven round up, to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in everything social media advertising and marketing. This week is super Instagram-heavy. We've got a lot of news regarding stories, scheduling posts, and even video calling!

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Compensate For Facebook Zero
Using Instagram

  • "Facebook Zero" is the new algorithm update that aims to show users more content from their friends and family and less from pages for a company or brand.
  • Why focus on Instagram?
    • This platform has remarkably high...
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How To Use Video To Dominate Social Media Markets

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2018

You’re scrolling through Facebook; amid the proposals, graduations and cat pictures something else catches your eye. You scroll back up and see a video of a yoga class. You click and watch the rest of the video and hey, it looks familiar. That studio is not too far from your apartment! Now you’re thinking that maybe you should check it out sometime. That’s the power of video. If you want people to actually pay attention to you, video is the way to do it, in large part because it causes people to stop scrolling. If you can get them to stop scrolling, even for a few seconds, they’re more likely to remember you and your business. Static images tend to slide right past eyeballs; video tends to snag them, even if only momentarily.


#1: Connect and Engage with Your Audience

Have you ever messaged someone and they interpreted it far differently than what you intended? This is the downfall of written communication, but with video you don’t run into...

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