Which is Better? Short vs. Long Ad Copy, and more

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2018
Source: Ad Espresso
  • Ad Espresso ran an experiment where they tested several different length ad copies from one sentence to six paragraphs.
  • After running a poll, the majority of people believed that the shortest ad text would produce the lowest cost per lead.
  • What was found was that mid-long ad text actually produced the lowest CPA and the maximum number of leads. 
    • Poorly performing ad text costs 2.4 times per lead than the best version.
  • Many businesses find good results by starting off with a short ad and then using the feedback from specialists to create longer versions. 
  • Keep in mind that text is only a small part of the ad, image/videos and headlines are generally the most important pieces.
Source: Tech Crunch

  • The reach of Facebook pages has declined in the past few years, in fact, there was a 52% drop in reach in the first half of 2016.
  • The redesigned Pages will emphasize utility related to businesses.
    • For example, you'll be able to make an appointment, a reservation, and access menus.
    • The feature on the News Feeds where people can ask for suggestions will appear on a business' Page as well.
    • Facebook will also start showing "Related Pages" on other business Pages to help users discover new businesses.
    • Businesses will also be able to post ephemeral Stories and add job application tabs.
  • Facebook has now officially launched their feature for Pages allowing users to see which ads a business is currently running. 

  • Social media engagement has a snowball effect. The more people that interact and engage with your post, endorsing its value the Facebook algorithm will deliver it to more news feeds.
    • Engagement will increase the likelihood that other people will interact with your post.
  • How to find potential brand champions.
    • Check out your social media audience to identify who your most engaged fans are.
    • When you find who your biggest fans are, reward them for their enthusiasm by using your platform to put them in the spotlight. 
      • Communicate with these people and give them clear directions and help them understand the impact of their efforts. 
        • Encourage them to share posts they're featured in and have them choose to change their settings so they see your posts first. 
  • Gamify participation to recognize top brand champions.
    • Use leaderboards to give your audience real-time updates on your social media competitions and keep participants involved. 
Source: Tech Crunch

  • You can no longer automatically cross-post your tweets to Facebook from Twitter. 
  • Twitter says this is due to a Facebook update, however, the option to set up Facebook sharing hasn't completely vanished from Twitter's app yet.
  • Twitter has not made a statement about whether there would be a replacement for this feature yet. 
Source: Mashable

  • Behind Apple's Safari and Google Chrome, Facebook is the third most popular browser in the United States. 
  • Facebook's browser accounts for more than 13% of traffic. 
    • Although Facebook is pretty far behind Google Chrome (33%) and Safari (58.39%), it's impressive that a social media platform that wasn't intended to be used as a mainstream browser has become so popular as exactly that.

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