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Uncategorized Aug 03, 2018
Source: Advertisemint

  • Advertisers will be able to create content for Facebook Stories just like on Instagram. Advertisers will also be able to repurpose the creatives across platforms, linking advertisements on Facebook and Instagram Stories.
    • The repurposing feature will help advertisers maximize their reach to audience members.
  • One-third of Instagram Stories with the most views are those created by businesses. 
  • Stories on Instagram are used by users to engage with content they truly care about and this includes content that comes from businesses. 
 Source: Ad Espresso

  • Create Interactive Content.
    • Incorporate polls into your Stories that are engaging and informative.
      • Interactive content is 81% more likely to catch someone's eye than passive content. 
      • Don't use super complicated questions, make your polls simple enough that people can easily answer them.
    • Immediately solve your followers' questions after a poll. 
      • Provide information about where and how viewers can learn more about the topic you just polled them about. By doing this your followers' will look to you for answers in the future as well.
  • Experiment with Live Content.
    • Use Instagram TV (IGTV) to promote your brand, products, and services. 
    • IGTV lets you create videos that are up to one hour long, much longer than the 60 seconds available in Stories.
    • Use live content to perform product demos and give viewers an in-depth look into your brand and products. 
      • Use creative text to deliver your message to people who don't have the volume turned up. 
    • Create an engaging and touching narrative with longer videos to connect with viewers.
  • Bring New Approaches to Old Features.
    • Create new and interesting captions that engage followers by incorporating questions and hashtags. 
    • Video ads are still extremely important and are known to drive site visits and conversions.
  • Simplify the Buying Process
    • The carousel ad format is tried and true. The carousel allows you to show off multiple products in the same post so viewers can get a better view of your brand.
    • Use shopping tags to simplify the buying process. This way people can go immediately from Instagram to purchasing your product or service.
Source: Advertisemint

  • When someone feels like a brand understands them they will be more likely to interact with said brand and purchase from them. If your ad can make someone laugh they'll feel a connection to you.
  • Humor is memorable, that's why the funny SuperBowl ads are always talked about long after they have aired. 
  • When should you use humor?
    • When it fits with your products or brand message.
    • When you want to be more relatable.
      • Humor makes your brand feel more human which will help you connect with your audience. 
    • When your audience includes Millennials or Gen Zs.
      • Younger audiences have more appreciation for humor in social media ads.
    • If you want to have a consistently humorous tone for your brand.
      • Humor isn't as effective if it's just a one-time deal. You don't need to always be funny, but you should do so consistently.
  • When you shouldn't use humor.
    • If it doesn't fit your brand or is inappropriate for your product.
      • Don't use humor in your marketing when your product is something serious like antidepressant medication.
    • Your target audience is older.
      • Depending on the type of humor you want to use it may not be well-received by older audience members. Be sure you're thinking about what your target audience thinks is funny.
    • You don't have the right copywriting team for the job.
      • You need a really good copywriter to write great humorous copy. 
    • Your humor is offensive.
      • If you're not sure if your humor is offensive, try testing it out with a marketing team or with a group to get feedback. 

  • What is Watch Party?
    • Watch Party is a feature for Facebook groups that allows group members to watch videos on Facebook together at the same time.
    • These videos can be live or recorded and users can interact with each other in real time.
  • Facebook is testing the ability to included members outside of a group in a Watch Party.
  • Use a Watch Party to host Q&As about different topics, share behind the scenes details, provide tips and tricks and invite fun guests to join in on the party. 
  • Watch Parties are effective in both large and small groups and are a great way to engage members.
Source: Tech Crunch

  • This number includes not only the number of users on Facebook but Instagram and WhatsApp as well.
    • The number counts individual people rather than the number of accounts. This is because sometimes one person has multiple accounts.
    • Facebook CFO David Wehner says that this number "better reflects the size of our community." 
  • This statistic, although impressive from the outside, masks the fact that Facebook's growth has greatly slowed in the past quarter. 
    • Facebook, the company's main money-maker is losing its edge.

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